Did you know? The Government doesn't want YOU to have Clean Dishes and Laundry!

It's not your dishwasher
Dishwashing detergent bestHave you noticed lately that your dishes are just not getting as clean as they used to get?  You're not alone.  My wife has been making comments about spots on our glasses for the past year.  We bought a new dishwasher, tried all sorts of different dishwasher detergents and rinse aids, and finally resorted to hand washing many of our "nicer" glassware.

 Little did I know that it was actually the government that caused our dishes to not get clean.  Really!  In late 2010, a few state governments effectively forced the change in formula for all dishwashing detergent companies by banning the small amount of phosphates in the detergents.  The same thing happened with laundry detergent--but it's tougher to notice our clothes aren't has clean and bright as they once were.

Learn What Happened
It's not your imagination...your dishes and laundry really are NOT getting as clean as they used to.  Why is that?  A small group of eco-imaginists secretly fought for the elimination of THE key ingredient in our detergents bringing us back to the dark ages.  Read this article from The Weekly Standard.

There is a SOLUTION to YOUR Dirty Dishes

"I didn't realize you can still buy detergent with phosphates"

There is a Solution

Major brands such as Procter & Gamble still sell detergents with phosphates.  You can also add a small amount of phosphate additive that will bring your dishes and laundry back to a real cleanliness.

phosphates dishwasher detergentIf you don't mind buying in bulk (and, why would you if you could get clean dishes again?), Proctor & Gamble makes a well-reviewed, commercial grade dishwashing detergent. You get six standard-sized boxes of detergent for less than $60.  This price is almost half of what you'd pay for regular detergent without the cleaning punch that this detergent has.

laundry detergent with phosphateIt's tougher to find a direct replacement for your laundry detergent, but you can add a small amount of TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) to your laundry load and get those clothes as clean as they used to get.  I normally use about a quarter cup.  By the way, here's a great article about the use of TSP in laundry.


Dishwasher finishing additive

Here's another solution -- Finish Glass Magic.  You add about a quarter cup of this product to the bottom of your dishwasher and it removes (with phosphate action) those spots and hard water marks.  It may be a cheaper solution if you don't want to buy alot of dishwasher detergent.

Is it Safe? Is it Legal?

Under pressure from a small group of environmentalists, several states have banned the use of detergents with phosphates from residential use.  But, what's amazing is that they still explicitly allow these detergents for commercial use--restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.  

Did you know that most of our phosphates come from Florida?  In fact, the entire ground is saturated with phosphates which have not affected the lakes and rivers in that state.  The data that the so-called environmentalist have used was based on incredible large amounts of phosphates from fertilizers and other agricultural products.  Here are a few articles describing what happened: Article from Mises.org. Opinion from The Spokesman Review. Article from The Weekly Standard.


Yes, detergent with phosphates and phosphate additives are legal.  They were banned from residential products in some states but not commercial-use products.  The states KNEW that there would be a huge uprising if restaurants started setting out dishes with spots and residue on them.  Either the restaurant would have had to hire many additional dish cleaners or go out of business--who wants to drink water out of a dirty glass?

Luckily, commercial-grade dishwasher detergents with phosphates and the laundry additive TSP can both be found in restaurant supply stores and, better yet, online.  You can buy them from Amazon here: PROCTER AND GAMBLE Cascade Automatic Dishwasher Detergent 85-oz. Box and Savogran 10622 Trisodium Phosphate (TSP).

What the public is saying about it

"The pushback has started. Just see what happens when we go back to our normal detergents"

Jenny Thomas

Boise, ID

"I was shocked when I added a little bit of TSP to my load of whites.  The actually turned out bright for the first time in a long time!  Unbelievable that the laws in other states forced this change."

Consumer Reports

Review of New Dishwasher Detergents

When Consumer Reports reviewed the newest batch of non-phosphate detergents, they concluded that none of these new detergent formulations "equaled the excellent (but now discontinued) product that topped our ratings in August 2009.”

John Di Marco

Environmental Activist

"Only a small fraction of phosphates from residential dishwashers and clothes washers only make it to our lakes and rivers.  It's only the large use of fertilizers and natural phosphates in the soil that often causes the higher-than-normal algae growth in the midwest."

"Your dishes and laundry deserves to be as clean as you get them at a restaurant or hotel"

Both TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) Additive for laundry and Cascade Dishwashing Detergent with Phosphates can be purchased at Amazon.com!  See my associate links that will take you to Amazon below.  

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